Accounting Software

Cloud accounting software is a prerequisite for all businesses. It has a number of advantages, such as – access from all locations, integration with other third-party cloud applications and banking software, better backup, swift bug fixes, quick upgrades, and better security. Financial data has to be protected at all times, and it’s better to be secured by a cloud provider whose business model relies on security.

At Risen LLP, we help you take business finances to the cloud with our reliable cloud accounting software, which simplifies processes and provides essentials for everything from detailed invoicing to business inventory.

What We Offer

Xero Software


Xero is cloud accounting software for SMEs. It enables real-time view of your cash flow, and can be easily accessed by logging in online anytime, on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone. It’s essentially small business accounting software that’s easy-to-use, smart and works wonders every time!

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Receipt Bank Software


Receipt Bank aims to remove the burden of bills, receipts and invoices on enterprises. Everything from gathering, storage and processing of bills, receipts and invoices becomes effortless and cost efficient. This software and service has been developed by working with bookkeepers, accounts and businesses.

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Talenox manages all your HR processes easily on one platform and gain access to fully-integrated Profiles, Payroll, and Leave Management apps.

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