Receipt Bank is able to publish the data to your accounting software or enable it to be downloaded as a spreadsheet. With all the scanned documents attached to each transaction in Xero, there will no longer be a need to find one purchase among mountains of bills, receipts and invoices. The turnaround time to perform monthly accounts is reduced, as we no longer have to wait till month end to receive the documents. Paperless office: Mission achieved!

Receipt Bank Process

Why Integrate Receipt Bank to Xero?

Receipt Bank is used by many bookkeepers and accountants around the world to improve their effectiveness and enhance the service they offer clients. Receipt Bank integrates directly with leading cloud accounting software packages, such as Xero, to help small businesses increase their efficiency in the manual data entry of bills, receipts and invoices.

The seamless integration between Receipt Bank and Xero allows all-expenses data to flow straight into the accounting books so that you, as a business owner, are able to view your expenses in near real-time.

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Achieve a paperless office with Receipt Bank’s seamless integration to Xero Cloud Accounting Software & view all your expenses in near real-time. Experience it for yourself today!

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Featured Partners (Chor Juay Enterprise)

Chor Juay LogoChor Juay Enterprise is a family-owned wholesale produce delivery company that delivers fruits and vegetables island-wide. Because of their line of business, staffs of Chor Juay Enterprise are always on the move and it is hard for them to do proper recording of their purchases. With Receipt Bank, they can now capture receipts and invoices, such as petrol, on the move. At our end, we will check the receipts at Receipt Bank and publish it to Xero so that we can do bank reconciliation!

Outsourcing Services

Receipt Bank usually comes as part of our bookkeeping practices. Take a look at our bookkeeping services for more details.