Speed Up Your Checkout Times

Quick Keys

Create custom buttons for your most popular products and speed up checkouts. Easily save as templates for use in any of your stores.

Product and Customer Search

Quickly add products to the sale by typing in keywords or using a barcode scanner. Easily find customers by name or phone number.

Line Item and Sale Notes

Add notes that will appear on your customers’ receipts to let them know about care instructions, special discounts, or other targeted offers.


Add discounts that will apply to all the items in a customer’s basket or to specific items only.

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Build and Gain Customer Loyalty with Ease

Create Customer Profiles

Customer details are automatically stored under their profile where you can view their purchase history, loyalty, preferences and account balances.

Custom Pricing

Create special pricing for different customer groups, like VIP customers or your staff.

Customer Groups

Treat your most valuable customers to regular discounts or targeted promotions. Simply create a VIP customer group and apply special pricing.

Customer Loyalty

Customers earn loyalty on every qualifying purchase and can redeem it in the future.

Vend Customer Detail

Easily Manage All Your Products

Product Variants and Composit

Create multiple product sizes, colors or any variations you need. You can also bundle products together to form new products like gift baskets, or split one product into many like wine by the bottle or glass.

Barcodes and Labels

Effortlessly add products to sales, purchase orders, stock-takes or supplier returns with a USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Product Organization

Categorize your products by name, type, brand, supplier, supplier code, SKU, handle, and tag, to easily build custom reports, perform inventory counts or coordinate your online store collections.

Centralized Product Catalogue

Manage one central product catalog and sync your products across all your channels to eliminate double data entry and reduce human errors.

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Have Visibility on Store Performance

Real Time View of Reports

All your data is stored safely in the cloud, so you can get your reports from wherever you are, at any time of day.

One Glance View of Store Performance

See if you’re ahead or behind the previous day, week or month on key metrics. Identify areas where you’re doing better, and ones that need more attention. Compare how outlets are performing against each other.

Build Your Own Reports

Customize your sales reports to easily see how your stores are performing, what products are making you the most money, and discover who your top sales people are.

Discover Top Selling Products

Pinpoint which products in what styles, colors, and sizes your customers buy the most of, and optimize your purchasing decisions.

Vend Report Dashboard

Hardware Package

Get more out of Vend with the right hardware. The following hardware products can be used to enhance your POS experience!

Cash Drawers
Cash Drawer
Receipt Printer
Receipt Drawer
Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner
Barcode Printer
Barcode Printer

Vend & Add-on Partners

Apart from the usual POS functions, Vend can be integrated with other platforms to manage other aspects of your business such as cloud accounting software and inventory management for improved efficiency.

We help our clients to implement other Vend add on features such as cloud accounting software. Share your scope with us today!

Vend & Add-on Partner

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Outsourcing Services

Require our outsourced services for IT hardware and bookkeeping? Take a look at our bookkeeping services for more details.